Mountain Deals

These deals apply to our Durango & Carbondale locations. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions!

Miracle Monday Deal: Monica’s Miracle: $10 grams, $20 eighths, and 20% off CBD products!

Two For Tuesday: Choose any two Kaviar products for only $40!

Weed Wednesday: Select grams for $6.37 and eighths for $15.94!

Thirsty Thursday: Stay high-drated with all our Keef Cola drinks BOGO 50% off!

Friday Highday: 2 x 250mg EvoLab or Mahatma vape cartridges for $40

Saturday Shatterday: 2 x Green Dot Shatter for $51.79 :: 2 x Live Resin for $59.76

Snoop Sunday: Take 20% off all Leafs By Snoop chews

*Prices do not include sales tax