Animal Face Kush Mints - Rocky Mountain High Elite Cannabis

Animal Face Kush Mints


Animal Face x Kush Mints




Hybrid - Sativa Dominant

The Ride

Our second place High Times Cup winner, this ridiculously classic breed brings you back to that ‘first time high’. This bright-yellow-green with bluish-highlights, sativa dominant hybrid super bud bred from Animal Face and Kush Mints brings you the mood enhancement and contemplative feel of Animal Face and levels its headiness with the Kush Mints euphoric body-buzz. A pine and grassy nose finishes with smooth notes of sweetness giving you a potent mix of both worlds that is destined to have you contemplating cloud formations in the sky and the clouds coming from your pipe.



First Time, High-King, Chill Master


Piney Sweet, Grassy, Minty, Earthy


Insomnia, Anxiety, Inflammation, Expectorant


Afternoon till Counting Sheep


Animal Face Kush Mints - Image 1

Animal Face Kush Mints - Image 4
Animal Face Kush Mints - Image 2

Buzz Quality

Terpenes are the true differentiator when comparing one cannabis flower to another. High THC, doesn't mean better high. The quality of the effects are determined by how each individual responds to the terpenes within the chosen genetic. As an example: "Is Everclear better than your favorite glass of wine?". Well of course not. Strong doesn't mean better. Take two strains with similar THC levels and you'll experience two different highs. That's Terpenes. Find the right bud for you and instead of strong identify with the "Feel Good Traits" and what works best for you.


Dominant Terps

Pinene, Caryophyllene


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