Lavender Jones - Rocky Mountain High Elite Cannabis

Lavender Jones


Purple Urkle x Casey Jones




Sativa Dominant

The Ride

This cultivar is the reason that Casey Jones crashed his train. Crossing the legendary sativa with the power of Purple Urkle gives you a functional high that sets your train in motion. Coming in at 17% doesn’t mean this sativa dominant hybrid won’t disappoint as the full effects grow on you inspiring you to tackle anything that arises in your normal routine. A balanced nose of floral and spice finishes with a sweet flavor and an uplifting high. Casey Jones just got himself a new lavender coat and is ready to drive that train for you! 



Perfect Morning Smoke, Energizer Bunny, Gabby, Confidence


Floral, Spice, Sweet


Pain Reducer, Anxiety, Focus, Depression


Sun-up till Sun-down


Lavender Jones - Image 1

Lavender Jones - Image 4
Lavender Jones - Image 2

Buzz Quality

Terpenes are the true differentiator when comparing one cannabis flower to another. High THC, doesn't mean better high. The quality of the effects are determined by how each individual responds to the terpenes within the chosen genetic. As an example: "Is Everclear better than your favorite glass of wine?". Well of course not. Strong doesn't mean better. Take two strains with similar THC levels and you'll experience two different highs. That's Terpenes. Find the right bud for you and instead of strong identify with the "Feel Good Traits" and what works best for you.


Dominant Terps

Linalool, Caryophyllene


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