How Terpenes Effect Your Rocky Mountain High

Cannabis Education

How do Terpenes and Cannabinoids work together to produce the desired effects?

Well we are here to walk you through the curious nature of the Entourage Effect!

Terpenes influence your high by altering cannabinoid uptake. Some believe terpenes, or terps, affect or intensify the high that one gets when using cannabis. It is true that most terps increase the effects of cannabinoids, and you can make an argument that this makes them indirectly psychoactive.     Show Source Texts

Other terps, such as linalool and caryophyllene, may offset the intensity of a high, or stop the undesirable side effects of cannabis. While not narcotic themselves, terps are thought by some to potentially affect the effects of THC, the cannabinoid responsible for a “high” experience with cannabis. They might not make you high, but their therapeutic effects can positively affect your general well-being. Certain terps can potentially potentiate or diminish certain effects that people may label as being high, or even alleviate some negative experiences with THC.    Show Source Texts

Terps don’t get you high, but they do make it better!

While terps cannot get you high on their own, researchers think that they may be able to subtly change the feelings you experience from smoking cannabis as well as the therapeutic benefits. Studies show terpenes can counteract some undesirable aspects of cannabinoids such as THC, which allows more therapeutic applications with no adverse effects. In cannabis, studies have shown terps work in concert with cannabinoid receptors and cannabinoids to increase or diminish the effects of cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. This is known as the entourage effect, which implies that terps increase or modify the effects of THC and CBD in the body.    Show Source Texts

The Entourage Effect

However, specific terps found in different strains of cannabis, both from the psychoactive and non-psychoactive cannabinoids, may work together with cannabinoids to create an entourage effect, which may affect how the brain experiences the feelings caused by cannabis. If you smoke, inhale, or consume cannabis containing delta-8, delta-9, or delta-10 THC, then the terpenes present in the plant may influence the type of high you might feel. Cannabis that contains Delta-9 THC may make you feel high, and this effect is not due to terps. The high you feel, which may involve delusions, paranoia, drowsiness, and/or couch-lock, as well as other psychogenic effects, is not something you will experience with the terps.    Show Source Texts

CBD-THC-Terpenes, your cannabis superteam!

The THC-CBD-terpene combo may smooth over an overwhelming sense of anxiety, leaving you feeling fresh and chilled. For instance, someone experiencing paranoia or anxiety while using THC might find terps like Bisabolol may help to diminish this feeling. Some cannabis websites claim certain terps have specific psychological effects. Limonene, for instance, allegedly calms down anxiety and boosts energy, and pinene may enhance memory. While terps do not get you high, Lewis Nelson says that there are claims they can influence your high via something called the entourage effect, the idea that a panoply of compounds in cannabis, that differ between strains of cannabis, work synergistically with one another to make you feel a certain way.    Show Source Texts

To learn more about each terpene and how it effects you and which of our Fresh and Rocky Mountain Strains have which terps click here.

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