Jetfuel Gelato - Rocky Mountain High Elite Cannabis

Jetfuel Gelato


Jet Fuel x Gelato




Indica Dominant

The Ride

Lift off in style with this exotic blend of the sativa dominant Jet Fuel and the indica dominant Gelato. A delicious sweet creamy finish can be expected when you smoke this earthy bud leading to a heavy hitting, body locking high that elevates you. Rockin’ a cannabinoid content of THC over 22% and CBD <0.1% provides a balanced experience of energy and relaxation for most users. It’s also no surprise that the expansive terpene profile of its genetics enhance the aroma and effects of this new spin on two classic cultivars.E



Smooth Sailor, Happy Tangent, Ready for the World


Earthy, Piney, Sweet, Creamy, Fall Spice


Pain, Anxiety, Appetite, Focus


Sunset, Late Hours


Jet Fuel x Gelato - Image 1

Jet Fuel x Gelato - Image 4
Jet Fuel x Gelato - Image 2

Buzz Quality

Terpenes are the true differentiator when comparing one cannabis flower to another. High THC, doesn't mean better high. The quality of the effects are determined by how each individual responds to the terpenes within the chosen genetic. As an example: "Is Everclear better than your favorite glass of wine?". Well of course not. Strong doesn't mean better. Take two strains with similar THC levels and you'll experience two different highs. That's Terpenes. Find the right bud for you and instead of strong identify with the "Feel Good Traits" and what works best for you.


Dominant Terps

Myrcene, Caryophyllene


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