Sativa THC: 19.00% - 27.00 %

Chem 91

Chem Dawg Cross

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This strain has earned favor among patients for its cheerful and sociable effects, making it an ideal choice for daytime or early morning consumption. The initial stages of the high introduce an elevated and euphoric head buzz, instilling users with creative energy, inspiration, and a clear-headed sense of motivation. This energetic sensation intensifies gradually, leaving individuals mentally pain-free and immersed in a state of social bliss. Given its robust 19-27% average THC content, Chem 91 is frequently employed to address conditions such as depression, chronic stress, nausea, insomnia, and persistent pain or fatigue. True to its name, the strain exhibits a potent flavor profile reminiscent of chemicals complemented by earthy diesel and lemony pine undertones. The aroma is even more pronounced, featuring a blend of dank diesel, pungent earthiness, and a sharp skunkiness that permeates any space. The buds themselves are dense and leafy, taking on a spade-shaped form with a dark olive green hue, highlighted by vibrant orange hairs and a delicate layer of small amber crystal trichomes.

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