Indica THC: 19.75%-22.13%

Life Hack

Jet Fuel x Gelato x Wedding Cake

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Life Hack is a unique cannabis resulting from the genetic fusion of Wedding Crasher and Jet Fuel Gelato. Life Hack is tailor-made for seasoned cannabis enthusiasts seeking a potent experience. This strain is associated with creative, energetic, and focused effects.

Medical marijuana users often turn to Life Hack to alleviate symptoms related to anxiety, fatigue, and ADHD. Life Hack delights the palate with a blend of gassy, floral, and sweet flavors. Myrcene stands out as the dominant terpene in this strain. Life Hack offers a versatile experience suitable for any time of the day. Additionally, Life Hack’s relaxing and euphoric effects make it a valuable companion for managing stress and anxiety.

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