Indica THC: 13.62%-15.3%

Mendo Breath

OGKB x Mendo Montage

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Dive into the soothing embrace of Mendo Breath, an indica gem crafted from the cosmic marriage of OGKB and Mendo Montage strains. Unleashing a euphoric high, this strain wields potent body effects to alleviate pain and discomfort. Picture the aroma as sweet vanilla and caramel intertwine, creating an olfactory symphony. Despite the daytime temptation, Mendo Breath is best reserved for the twilight hours, offering respite after work or a precursor to bedtime serenity. In the realm of cultivation, marvel at its dense, frost-kissed buds that blossom within an average flowering span of 60 days. Mendo Breath, a sensory voyage to tranquility.

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