Indica THC: 18.00% - 24.00%

Sunset Sherbert

Pink Panties x Girl Scout Cookies

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Behold the kaleidoscopic allure of Sherbert, a strain that dons many aliases— “Sherbet,” “Sherbert OG,” “Sunset Sherbet,” and once more, “Sunset Sherbert.” In the alchemical dance of genetics, this indica-dominant hybrid emerges from the clandestine union of Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties, weaving a tapestry of botanical enchantment. Sherbert’s embrace unfolds as a symphony of potent, full-body effects, crowned with a surge of cerebral energy that ushers in a blissfully carefree state of mind. This strain, with its myriad monikers, beckons enthusiasts into a realm where the sensory and cerebral coalesce, leaving a trail of euphoric whispers in its wake.

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